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The NEINVER Group is an industry leader in the European retail sector. Over the past two decades, we have built ourselves into one of Europe’s most powerful property developers. We stand out from the competition because we effectively lease and manage a solid, strategically diversified portfolio of retail and outlet commercial properties in 6 European countries, 540,000 m2, 23 centres,1,800 shop locations and 800 brands.

Our outlet portfolio received more than 42.3 million visits in 2018. Additionally, total sales rose to €971 million, 3% higher than in 2017.

42.3 million people visited our outlet centres in 2018.


Regarding all retail portfolio, including not only outlet but shopping centres and retail-warehouse park, overall sales were 1.218 million and foot traffic reached 62.4 million visitors.

Today, we at NEINVER offer our shop operators three high-quality retail channels through which to increase their sales thanks to specialised management. A proposition characterised by constantly improving the mix of shops and services, aimed at 100 million potential shoppers.

FACTORY. The market-leading centres in the outlet sector in Poland.

FACTORY website


The Style Outlets. The brand for our platform of best-in-class outlet centres, serving shoppers and fostering international development of the outlet sector. The Style Outlets website.

The Style Outlets website


Shopping centres. Situated in outstanding locations in major European capitals. NEINVER’s centres strive for constant improvement in operational quality and the mix of stores, by introducing new internationally renowned brands.

Alegra webiste

Nassica website

FUTURA PARK Krakow website

Megapark Barakaldo website