Retail and outlet assets


NEINVER establishes specific alliances with investment partners and strategic partners to advance its worldwide expansion. NEINVER is open to new opportunities in Europe, Asia and Latin America, while also offering the marketplace its own interesting projects.


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Roppenheim The Style Outlets 

In 2010, NEINVER and MAB Development signed a joint-venture agreement to collaborate on developing outlet centres in France and Germany. Through this joint venture, MAB Development and NEINVER are committed to investing some €350 million in the French market in the next 5 years.

The combination of NEINVER’s knowledge of the outlet sector and MAB’s experience in the French and German markets has resulted in a powerful alliance. This successful relationship is bearing fruit in 2012 with the opening of Roppenheim The Style Outlets in France. The centre is home to 107 shops totalling 27,280 m2 of GLA, with 50,000 m2 of green spaces.


Katowice project  

The project in the city of Katowice (one of Poland's most important urban and industrial centres) is NEINVER’s largest undertaking in Europe. The project consists of transforming and redeveloping the city centre. This large-scale, 200,000 m2 multi-use project, with a total investment of €240 million, includes construction of Galeria Katowicka, a retail complex containing 53,000 m2 of GLA with space for 250 shops, development of a large office building, and remodelling strategic infrastructures such as the railway station and creating a new underground bus terminal.



Coruña The Style Outlets 

Coruña The Style Outlets, which opened in 2011, is the first The Style Outlets centre that NEINVER has developed in Spain. This ambitious project is notable as the first retail centre in Spain to obtain the prestigious BREEAM Europe certification for environmental sustainability. This distinction recognises that the design and construction of Coruña The Style Outlets are tailored to the local environment and optimised for energy savings.


Coruña The Style Outlets is introducing a new outlet concept to Galicia, featuring such major brands as Desigual, Nike and Pepe Jeans. The concept is based on quality products and offering consumers a unique shopping experience. With more than 12,000 m2 and 76 shops, Coruña The Style Outlets has a catchment area with more than a million residents and over 4 million tourists a year.




In October 2011, NEINVER opened its fourth outlet centre in Poland: FACTORY Krakow, a centre with more than 22,000 m2 of GLA and 120 fashion shops, occupied by domestic and international top brands. FACTORY Krakow is part of the FUTURA PARK retail complex, which complements and reinforces a mix of shops that has been a success with nearly 3 million shoppers. 


Krakow is Poland’s third most important city and has traditionally been notable as one of the country’s cultural hubs. Given the city’s young population, the patrons of FACTORY Krakow have strong, distinctive tastes in fashion and design.


FACTORY Krakow is also the first NEINVER centre in Poland to receive BREEAM Europe environmental certification, recognising its compliance with standards of environmental respect and sustainability.



FACTORY Annopol 

NEINVER is developing a new outlet centre in Warsaw, FACTORY Annopol, which will open to the public in 2013. This centre, located in one of the most densely populated areas of the country – a region experiencing rapid economic development and growth – is one of NEINVER’s most ambitious, comprehensive projects in Poland.


FACTORY Annopol aims to become the country’s number two outlet centre, reaching a catchment area of 2.2 million people thanks to its more than 19,000 m2 of GLA and 122 shop locations.


As evidence of this leadership, FACTORY Annopol has been designed in keeping with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency standards, which has earned it BREEAM Europe recognition and certification.