Throughout our 50-year history, we have continuosly adapted our business model to meet the needs of our tenants, partners, visitors, employees, as well as society and the planet as a whole, making the commitment to act responsibly and sustainably part of our corporate culture. To address future challenges and continue to make progress on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) related matters that are most important to the Company and to our stakeholders, we have defined a roadmap for 2030: Building Tomorrow. This agenda sets out ambitious goals designed to steer everything we do and take our aim to create value for our business and have a positive impact on society to the next level.

2021 Highlights:

• Digitalisation and automatisation of the sustainability data management of the portfolio.

• Assessment of physical climate risks for the Neptune portfolio

• We reduced our energy consumption by 5.2% and our water consumption by 9.9% vs. 2019

• Factory Gliwice was certified with BREEAM In-Use for the first time, obtaining a very good rating in Part I and Excellent in Part II

• We renewed the BREEAM In-Use certificate for Alegra Retail & Leisure Park, achieving a Very Good rating in Part I and Excellent for Part II

• 100% of our owned assets are certified as BREEAM In-Use, of which 100% were rated “Very Good” or above. Asset Performance and 94% were rated above “Excellent” for Building Management

• We offset CO2 emissions for the first time through a tree reforestation project in the Amazon. This offsetting will continue in 2022, based on the final calculation of the emissions produced in 2021, once they have been verified by an independent third party


Building Tomorrow: NEINVER's roadmap for 2030

Building Tomorrow is our 2030 strategy, designed to drive progress on key issues and challenges identified through an extensive materiality review, in the scope of diverse frameworks such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the GRESB benchmark and increasing regulation and disclosure requirements. The strategy is founded on five pillars that are based on specific commitments and target short, medium and long-term actions for achieving them:

• Strong corporate culture and engaged employees

• Sustainable assets

• Collaboration with brands

• Responsible consumption and sustainable communities

• Sustainable finance


Reducing our environmental footprint

We design and deliver sustainable spaces based on the preservation and integration with the natural environment. Our environmental commitment is focused on:

- Sustainable construction and management aimed at reducing energy consumption, emissions, water usage and waste management

- Promoting sustainable mobility

- Sharing our commitment with our stakeholders

- Sustainability certification of our portfolio

Creating lasting social value

We commit to building responsible business relationships with all our stakeholders and maximizing the value for the communities where we operate. This includes:

- Building stable and quality relationships with our employees

- Maintaining a responsible supply chain. We work with partners and suppliers that share the same values as we do.

- Adding value to local communities, including promoting economic growth, contributing to local employment and organizing community engagement initiatives

- Making sure that our buildings meet the needs of every person.

- Promoting health & well-being among our employees, tenants and communities


Commitment to transparency and ethical conduct

NEINVER’S corporate governance policies define a clear commitment to transparency, reporting, compliance, effective risk management and responsible business practices. These policies serve as a framework for the company’s values, management model and all business activity. At the heart of our approach to good governance is our Code of Ethics, which provides clear guidance on how we conduct business and applies to everyone who works at NEINVER.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Aware of the importance of protecting the planet, ensuring prosperity for all, and pulling together to overcome the global challenges currently facing society, NEINVER continues to support the implementation of Agenda 2030. To that end, in 2018, NEINVER identified and reported on four Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and their related targets, where our business has the greatest ability to drive change within our markets.  In 2019, we also outlined our support for the SDGs relating to clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, reduced inequality and responsible production and consumption.  


ESG Documents: