NEINVER is firmly committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability as a basic building block of our business strategy. Prioritising constant improvement towards our activity  and promoting responsible management and efficiency.


NEINVER considers sustainability as a key element that involve the entire value chain and life cycle of every property, from the design and development phase to management of the assets.

Economic Sustainability

We work on  a responsible management model, a leading model in our field to stay on the road to growth and honour the commitments we have made to our stakeholders.


Social Sustainability

Through our Corporate Responsibility we encourage stakeholders’ participation in our business strategy and objectives, promoting our management’s transparency and encouraging dialogue with employees, partners and investors, sharing out our annual report every year, with the main data of the company. 


Environmental Sustainability

We want to be a reference in the design and sustainable development of real estate assets. One of our main commitments in this area is all our retail center’s  certification under BREEAM scheme. Sustainable construction certification that achieves greater long-term value to our assets and investors, promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

At the same time, our management system is certified under ISO 9001 standard, for strategic areas of the company related to service quality, as well as ISO 14001  environmental management, ISO 45001, which promotes the safety and well-being of our workers and contractors and ISO 50001 energy management, which allows us to systematically reduce the environmental impact throughout our value chain, energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions.


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