NEINVER lays foundation stone of its new project in Katowice

NEINVER lays foundation stone of its new project in Katowice

Galeria Katowicka represents the company’s largest investment in Europe and one of the most prestigious development projects in Poland

The 200,000 m2 complex includes a new train station, an underground bus station, a shopping arcade, an office building and infrastructure upgrades

The company reinforces its leadership in the Polish market.

Madrid, 7th June 2011.- NEINVER, European property company specialising in retail space, has laid the foundation stone of its new project in Poland: Galeria Katowicka, one of the country’s most prestigious development projects. The ceremony was attended by José María Losantos y del Campo, founder and president of the NEINVER Group, Barbara Topolska, country manager of NEINVER Poland, Pawel Olczyk, member of the board of directors of PKP (the company that runs Poland’s railway infrastructure), representatives of the major local and national authorities, and by the Spanish ambassador to Poland.

This joint project between NEINVER and the Polish railway infrastructure company, PKP, involves redesigning the old station to create a new railway station, an underground bus terminal, a shopping centre, an office building and an underground car park. It also includes modernising the road infrastructure around the new complex and is part of a scheme to modernise the country’s rail stations.

Galeria Katowicka, which represents NEINVER’s largest investment in Europe, will have an area of 200,000 m2, of which 53,000 m2 will be devoted to retail, providing 250 shops.

“It is one of our most ambitious projects, as part of the company’s strategic plan for internationalisation. It shows off our ability to design and develop multi-purpose centres. NEINVER is a team of highly capable professionals who can handle this type of more complex developments, that takes place in the heart of the city and combines spaces for different uses”, noted Jose María Losantos y del Campo, President of NEINVER.

“This project will be a huge leap in quality for our passengers”, emphasised PKP board member Pawel Olczyk. The project in Katowice is the largest of this type that PKP S.A. has ever carried out in collaboration with a private investor. “Together with NEINVER we are offering the residents of the Silesa region a complex that will combine passenger transport functions with retail, offices, culture and entertainment”, he added.

Poland, a key market

NEINVER is now a benchmark company in the Polish market. After launching operations there in 2000, the company introduced the outlet concept to Poland in 2002 with the opening of FACTORY Warsaw Ursus. Today NEINVER is the leader in this segment of the Polish market and has three outlet centres doing business under the FACTORY brand: FACTORY Warsaw Ursus, FACTORY Poznan and FACTORY Wroclaw.

In addition, NEINVER pioneered another concept in Poland through its Futura Park centre: the first general retail park to also incorporate an outlet centre. 


Currently, besides its work on developing Galeria Katowicka, the company continues to bolster its positioning in Poland through the development of FACTORY Krakow, which will open in October, and FACTORY Warsaw Annopol, the country’s first project to obtain the prestigious BREEAM Europe certification, vouching for the centre’s sustainable design and architecture.



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