NEINVER commits to the omni-channel model

Madrid. 18th November 2015. NEINVER, the pioneering company that introduced the outlet concept to countries such as Spain and Poland, currently the second-largest outlet operator in the European market, has announced a digital transformation of its management model, to offer brands and shoppers a seamless, innovative digital experience that responds to an omni-channel customers’ journey.

Innovative as always, NEINVER has developed an omni-channel strategy that will let it accompany consumers through the shopping process, either at physical centres or through the online channel, so it can offer its brands a 360° vision of their customers’ consumption patterns and habits.

Redefining the relationship between brands and consumers

NEINVER is leveraging new technologies to transform its management model, becoming the first outlet operator to offer a clean integration between the shopping experience in its physical centres and digital space, thus optimising the relationship between brands and shoppers.

The Style Outlets platform’s new omni-channel eCRM system consolidates data about each customer, no matter which digital or physical access channel they choose. This will facilitate personalised communication with each shopper and contribute added value to the brands’ business strategy.

Going omnichannel is a natural next step for NEINVER’s business model, so it can meet brands and clients’ demands. The process will culminate with the launch of The Style Outlets e-commerce platform. Once launched, it will be the first omni-channel outlet to include an e-commerce platform, letting the company move forward with a revolutionary model.

According to Iñigo Pastor, NEINVER’s Digital Business & Strategy Director, “We’re living through a true digital revolution, and retail must evolve and innovate to combine new technologies with traditional channels. As a benchmark company among outlet operators, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs by letting them connect to brands at any time through any channel, while also optimising their interaction with the brands, thanks to first-rate data”.

New digital ecosystem

NEINVER has developed and upgraded several The Style Outlets touchpoints. Its powerful omni-channel eCRM system will provide a single view of NEINVER customers that allows conversations between brands and shoppers and makes possible to send relevant communications, personalised offers and engage with each customer’s tastes and preferences.

To do this, it created a Unique Digital ID for each customer who logs into The Style Outlets through any digital touchpoint or platform to create a single profile and track their customer journey, behaviours and interests. All the information will be downloaded in a unified omni-channel Database.

Shoppers will also be able to use their ID to log onto the WIFIs or Simply Style application to take advantage of the latest promotions, products and news about their favourite centres or brands. They can also join The Style Outlets’ loyalty programme, which gives users great perks and personalised discounts using their QR code in the stores.

NEINVER has also redesigned The Style Outlets websites, featuring a new design, new Content Management System and technology that enhances user experience. The new versions are content oriented and focus on brand image and a layout leveraging responsive design, which adapts to different types of devices: tablets, smart phones and desktop devices. This makes the interface much more user-friendly.

The last touchpoint of the Digital ecosystem, will be the launch of an e-commerce platform under The Style Outlets brand to close 100% the omni-channel experience.

These tools make up a digital ecosystem that allow NEINVER to compile comprehensive data in a way that is unique in this industry, as part of a revolutionary management model that benefits brands and consumers alike.