Fund management


NEINVER's capacity for comprehensive management of all phases of the property cycle offers international investors a one-of-a-kind value. Our experience in developing, leasing and managing retail centres not only strengthens synergies and possibilities for constant improvement within our value chain, but also ensures greater profitability for our assets and their value in the marketplace.

NEINVER's ability to analyse projects' future viability and ensure their success makes us a strategic partner for major investment funds that choose safe, long-term operations. We offer our partners a solid, strategically diversified portfolio of properties, and a constant flow of new business opportunities in which to invest.

NEINVER administers the IRUS European Fund, one of Europe’s largest private-capital retail property funds.


With the launch of the IRUS European Property Fund in 2007, NEINVER solidified its position as a property fund manager. With €480 million in equity, IRUS has specialised in developing and acquiring retail centres in Europe. The Fund's success, after a 5-year commitment period, can be seen in its investment of 100% of the committed funds, the profitability achieved and the year-on-year increases in the value of its assets.