Foot traffic at NEINVER-managed outlet centres increased by 12% and sales rose 11%

Madrid, 10 March 2014.- NEINVER, Europe’s second-largest operator of outlet centres, ended 2013 with very positive figures for both foot traffic and sales. The fifteen outlet centres it manages in Europe received more than 39.4 million visits in 2013, up 12% from 2012. Additionally, total sales rose to €863.5 million, 11% higher than in 2012.

The outlet centres that NEINVER manages in Europe had remarkably strong performance, regardless of the market conditions in each country and even though 2013 was a complicated year, marked by the economic recession in the euro area.

The overall indicators for the portfolio that the company manages, which also includes shopping centres and retail-warehouse parks, were over €1 billion in sales (up 11%), while visits rose by 16% to 55 million customers


International Market

Roppenheim The Style Outlets in France achieved outstanding figures by the first anniversary of its 2012 opening. Foot traffic exceeded one million people, and visits and sales were up by 14% and 38% respectively over the previous year.

In Germany, Zweibrücken The Style Outlets increased its foot traffic by 3% for a total of 3.4 million people, and it once again bolstered its annual sales by 6%.

In Italy, Vicolungo The Style Outlets and Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets boosted their foot traffic for a combined total of more than 6 million visitors, reflecting a slight improvement of 1% over the previous year. The 2013 sales figures were also 3% higher than the prior year’s.

Poland remains a growing market for the company. In 2013, 11.8 million people visited the outlet centres that NEINVER manages in Poland. This 8% rise was partly due to the opening of the company’s second outlet centre in Warsaw, FACTORY Annopol. This upward trend is also reflected in the sales numbers for the five outlet centres in Poland, which rose 23% from the previous year.

In Portugal, there was a notable sales increase at Vila Do Conde The Style Outlets, up 11% from the prior year. More than 4 million people visited the centre last year, 4% above the 2012 figure. In May 2013, the centre’s food court was renovated to create versatile, comfortable common spaces.

In Spain, where consumption remains weak due to difficult macroeconomic conditions, the five The Style Outlets centres that NEINVER manages in the country still recorded very positive progress. Foot traffic increased by 10% over the previous year, exceeding 12.7 million visits, and sales rose by 6%.

Last September, NEINVER’s three Madrid-area centres joined the international brand The Style Outlets, culminating the Spanish roll-out of this European best-in-class platform. The three Madrid centres and the centres in Seville and A Coruña now operate under The Style Outlets brand, and all continue to record very positive results.

The retail properties welcomed 55 million visitors, and sales exceeded a billion euros

Besides outlets, the company manages other types of retail properties in Europe such as shopping centres and a retail-warehouse park totalling 500,000 sq.m. of GLA, 2,000 stores and more than 900 of the finest brands. Overall sales across the property portfolio rose in 2013 by 11% to more than €1 billion and foot traffic reached 55 million visitors, 16% more than the year before.

The progress was especially significant in Poland, where the retail properties saw a combined 31% growth in visits, to nearly 26 million users, and sales were up 20% over 2012. One key factor in the indicators’ growth was the September 2013 grand opening of Galeria Katowicka, a 53,000 sq.m. shopping centre with 220 stores, ensconced in a hub in the city centre that also includes a bus terminal and a railway station. The day it opened, it already had 92% occupancy and attracted 10,800 visits in its first hour.