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What is NEINVER?

NEINVER is an international property company specialised in managing outlet centres, whose core businesses are property development, asset management and fund management. With 50 years of experience, it has bolstered its position as Europe’s second-largest operator, managing 18 outlet centres with a total of 352,000 m² of GLA, under the brand names Factory and The Style Outlets.

NEINVER manages 540,000 m² of retail space, 1,800 store locations and more than 800 of the finest brands doing business in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.


Why has NEINVER specialised in the outlet sector?

The outlet sector is a product that works, even during periods of economic recession, because it meets the needs of brands and shoppers alike.

On the one hand, it offers brands a reliable channel for clearing overstock and products from previous seasons while retaining control over their products and image. On the other hand, for shoppers, this system lets them acquire prestigious international and domestic brands at really attractive prices, with discounts ranging from 30% to 70%, depending on the season.


What distinguishes NEINVER management from other operators?

Thanks to the management systems it has developed, NEINVER works as a strategic partner with international brands and operators, advising them on every phase of the project. It identifies areas for optimisation and improvement and performs goal-based resource management.

NEINVER helps establish sales strategies focused on improving the brands’ results.


How is that specialisation reflected in the NEINVER centres’ performance?

The success of NEINVER management is reflected in the frequency of shoppers’ repeat visits, typically 13 to 15 times a year, and by the conversion rate, in which over 75% of visitors to the centres buy something.

What, specifically, is meant by a “360° vision of the business” and “in-house know-how”?

NEINVER has developed its own property asset management system. Its processes let it identify business opportunities for the operators and optimise resources to achieve the best results in each store and each centre.

The company has an in-house team of professionals who know how to successfully manage a retail property in each of its phases, from site selection to financing, design, leasing and management. Its experience in developing, leasing and managing centres gives it a comprehensive, 360° vision of the industry.

This ability to advise and participate actively in the entire property cycle is an added value appreciated by international investors and developers, who see the Company as a strategic partner in developing or acquiring new retail properties.


What criteria does NEINVER follow in choosing new development projects?

Location, ease of access, number of potential customers, etc. A host of determining factors that it has been identifying throughout its experience in the sector. In general, the projects NEINVER develops are located 20 to 60 minutes from major urban centres.

Average dimensions of its centres range from 16,000 m² to 20,000 m² of GLA, offering shoppers an appealing mix of stores. Their design is notable for its flexible, environmentally sustainable architecture designed to optimise energy resources.


What is the difference between the two brands: Factory and The Style Outlets?

Factory is the pioneering brand that has enjoyed remarkable success in terms of foot traffic, conversion rates, the brands’ confidence, and customer loyalty.

However, the customer profile is changing and requires an exercise in adaptation that meets the needs of increasingly demanding shoppers. To do this, in 2009 NEINVER created an innovative outlet centre concept under the brand name The Style Outlets.

The Style Outlets is notable for offering a unique shopping experience thanks to its better mix of stores, value-added services and unique architectural designs, planned using sustainable construction criteria and using architecture tailored to local cultural traditions.


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