NEINVER outlet centres as engines for the local economy

The success of the outlet model is experiencing strong growth in Europe. Its shift towards being a quality retail channel, in terms of product range and shopping experience, has turned outlets into a preferred retail option for a growing segment of consumers.

Major brands see outlet centres as a safe, fast-growing, high-volume sales channel. The business's stability in the face of economic fluctuations offers a secure value to developers and investors, since foot traffic in the NEINVER Group's centres increased by 6% in 2015 up to 44 million visits.

The current crisis in Europe has not hindered the success of the fourth enlargement of Zweibrücken The Style Outlets. The project has really been embraced by the outlet brands, thanks to our excellent positioning and management; and by local shoppers, who value the outlet concept as one of their preferred retail options.

Sebastian Sommer

Northern Europe Director

Institutions, too, appreciate this model as an engine for local economies, since it complements traditional retail and creates jobs. In the last 6 years, we at NEINVER have generated more than 17,000 direct and indirect job positions throughout Europe through the development of 10 outlet centres.

Projects such as the fourth expansion of Zweibrücken The Style Outlets, carried out in 2010 in Germany, which was very well received by brands and shoppers alike during an economic crisis, are a clear example of the success of the outlet concept as a secure business segment with great potential. 

Expanding Zweibrücken The Style Outlets involved a 4,400 m2 increase in GLA, to a total of 30.300 m2, the opening of 25 shops, and 400 new parking spaces. The project involved a direct investment of 15 million Euros and is noteworthy for its strong economic and social impact, directly or indirectly generating 1,500 jobs.

NEINVER, by developing outlet centres, has been an economic player and driving force for decades in the regions where it carries out its projects. Over the next two financial years, its projects are expected to create 14,000 new jobs throughout Europe.


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