Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We at the NEINVER Group remain firmly committed to sustainability as a basic building block of our business strategy. This economic, social and environmental sustainability contributes toward improving and caring for the societies we do business in.

NEINVER is a sustainable company on the BREEAM Advisory Board.


Economic sustainability

We are working to set into motion a responsible management model, a leading model in our field and to stay on the road to growth and honour the commitments we have made to our stakeholders.

Our model’s sustained success and an outlet market with great potential have enabled us to achieve consistent growth in recent years. Operational efficiency, financial effectiveness and economic soundness are basic principles that govern our business activity and allow us to enhance the value of our assets year after year.

Social Sustainability

Our Corporate Responsibility includes increasing our stakeholders’ participation in our business strategy and objectives.

  • increasing our management’s transparency and encouraging dialogue with our employees, partners and investors.
  • implementing quality standards in strategic company areas with regard to quality of products and services, occupational safety and efficient management.
  • promoting the creation of a sustainable corporate culture that meets the criteria that markets and our stakeholders demand.

Environmental sustainability

We want to be a beacon for sustainable property asset design and development. One of our firm commitments in this area is to have all our retail centres BREEAM certified. This environmental quality certification provides greater long-term value for our assets and investors.

At the same time, we are working to put in place new sustainable management systems at our centres, enabling us to reduce environmental impact systematically throughout our value chain, as well as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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