Asset management


The NEINVER Group was honoured in 2010 as one of the best retail and outlet management teams in Europe. We manage more than 619,000 m2,  over 1,600 shop locations and a portfolio of 800 brands.

At NEINVER, management means long-term commitments to our clients and to the sustainability of their businesses. But also commitment to our investors, and to profitability and increasing the value of our assets.

We manage more than 619,000 m² of retail space, 293,400 m² of outlet centres spread over 7 European countries.


NEINVER is dedicated to a comprehensive asset management model.

  • Property management, focused on reducing and optimising costs while maintaining high standards of quality and service. 

  • Client management, which offers an overall response to our shop operators' needs and the profitability of their businesses.

  • Marketing management, which works to position the asset to achieve maximum foot traffic and conversion rates.